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Just drive. We'll do the math.

Safe driving has never been easier or more rewarding. Simply open Hatchback, start your trip, and don’t touch your phone until you arrive at your destination. When you get there, we'll have calculated everything you need to complete your challenge.

  • Trips

    Press the start button, put the phone down and start driving. Hatchback only saves phone-free trips so no cheating!

  • Miles

    Are you ready to go the distance? Hatchback tracks every mile that your eyes are on the road (and not on your phone).

  • Minutes

    Whether you're driving across the street, or across the country, Hatchback tracks every phone-free minute.

  • Check-Ins

    Some challenges require you to checkin to specific locations. Hatchback is integrated with Foursquare to make this simple and fun.

Download Hatchback Now Available now for the iPhone.

A little extra gas money goes a long way.

What better way to show a loved one that you support them then by sponsoring them? You define the terms of the challenge and only pay when they’re met.

  • Paid Auto-Magically

    Drive Safe. Get Paid. Simple enough? Once you’ve successfully completed a challenge, we release funds to your PayPal account.

  • Refunds Happen

    It happens. Sometimes people don't finish challenges in time. If a person fails to finish a challenge, then all pledged monies are returned to their sponsors. Any Hatchback sponsorship fee(s) will not be refunded. Only the pledge amount will be refunded to the sponsor.

  • Request Sponsors

    Already a Hatchback user? Request sponsorships easily from Contacts and Facebook friends within the app.

  • Sponsor Now

    What are you waiting for? Sponsor a friend or loved one right now.

Download Hatchback Now Available now for the iPhone.